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wow forgot it was my birthday
Please register on the new forums! [link]
Not yet, unfortunately
There's no way to transer a characeter yet right?
AA is Lucius on Nuia side
You do not have access to shout

Guild Meeting!

Bunnys a posted Aug 3, 14
Guild Meeting @ 5:00 PM - Server time (PST) Wed Aug 6th

We will be discussing DEAD's future as a guild and other topics.
Be on TS promptly and have your questions ready!

Macleod I am really interested in being a part of the guid meeting, however I have a final that day and won't be online until 11 ...
Aria Kelley What time/day would be good for guild missions for you or others Yozz?
Yozz Maxx Please have guild mission make up PM Oceanic time

Golden Winners

Bunnys a posted Jun 1, 14
The Golden raffle was a success!
Thank you guys for participating and getting so many tickets.
A special thank you to Devincean who donated 250 Gold.  A second Special thank you to Hades, who donated 40 gold.
Thanks to all who made donations, you are not forgotten and everything you do for this guild is extremely appreciated.

and the winners are:

Mini Eir - Vincent Drago
50 Un-id Dyes - Mudlump
Assassin's Primodus shield - Syth Darkfur
Abyss Dye - Rayglav

And now for the money!

3rd Place - Rayglav
2nd Place - Bellatriz
1st Place - Guardian Barzy

Congratulations guys!

Balths Enforcer a me too I want gold too
IrishPotato I'm still waiting on those 3 people to give me my rightfully...well not earned but obviously mine winnings
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